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Sunny day skincare tips

With great weather comes great responsibility. Great mood too, but let’s focus on the responsibility. The sun is an indefinite source of life and we cannot live without it, but it can be harmful for our skin. The UV rays when interacting directly with our skin can cause damage to the skin and also to the DNA of the skin cells. The UVA rays cause dryness, aging, wrinkles, brown spots etc; and the UVB rays cause sunburns and are thought to cause most skin cancers. So it’s very important to take care of our skin. So here are some tips that will help you get through the summer with healty skin.

1. Use sunscreen

So, let’s start from the very obvious. Sunscreen is a MUST during spring and summer. Use oil-free, fragrance-free SPF all over your face and body. You should be using at least SPF 20. Don’t forget to apply it reguraly every few hours. Apply the sunscreen on the scalp, lips, ears, hands and feet as well not only on the obvious places. Always use water resistant sunscreen if you are going swimming, or you are on the beach. Use sunscreen for your hair too, it need protection too.

2. Hydrate

It is very important that you drink a lot of water in the hot weather. Drink 8-10 glasses of water daily so can replace the water that you’re sweating out of your body. You can infuse the water with lemons, cucambers or mint. It is also recommended that you use a lot of anti-oxidants in your diet during sunny weather.

3. Moisturize

Keep your skin hydrated from the outside too. Avoid alcohol based products, and oily products. Wash your face every 4-5 hours to clean excess dust and oil, and use natural products to moisturize your face. Avoid shaving and stick to waxing, so you won’t inflame your skin.

4. Avoid heavy make-up

In the heat, the last thing anyone wants is cakey, greasy and sweaty looking face. Trade your usual heavy foundations for a tinted moisturizer. Use waterproof mascara to avoid smudging your make up in the water. Absolutely say NO to the tanning salons, since the tanning equipment emits UV radiation as much (or more) as the sun.

5. Treat your sunburn

If you do all these steps, and you still get sunburn, it is very important that you treat it properly. You need to cool your skin down. If you are at the beach or at a pool, get in the water to cool your skin, but just for a minute to avoid prolonged exposure. Apply cold compress, but don’t put ice directly onto the skin. You can take cool showers often, but not for too long since this can dry your skin and make it even worse. While the skin is still damp, apply gentle moisturizing lotion, but avoid anything petroleum or oil-based. You can take an anti-inflammatory drug to decrease the inflammation and lessen the discomfort. It is very important to stay hydrated at all times, drink a lot of water and even sports drinks that are full with electrolytes while your skin heals. You should see a doctor if there is blistering on your skin, fever, chills wooziness or confusion. Do not scratch or peel blisters because you can infect them. Avoid getting sunburned repeatedly because this can increase the risk of skin cancer.

Being aware about the risks from the UV rays is always the first step towards getting a proper protection. Do not take sunburn lightly, and do everything in your power to avoid it. And of course, enjoy your summer!

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