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Summer organizing tips

So, summer is here! Everybody is excited about the warm weather, the summer parties and hanging out at the beach. But, what about our home? Is our home ready for the summer? Seasonal interior updates are crucial for making our homes fit for the summer, making it more positive with lighter and brighter accessories. Here are some tips that will help you organize your home for the summer.

1. Clean your home!

It’s time for your annual cleansing. Throw out all the things that you do not need or use anymore. Clean your medicine cabinet, your shower rack. Throw out empty bottles, and things that are with expired dates. Clean your wardrobe and just get rid of clothes that are old, or you’re not planning on using anymore. Also, clean your yard and your garage and make room for summer parties and gatherings.

2. Replace the accessories

After the long, cold winter your home looks cozy and wintery. Replace the fire logs, thick blankets and heavy rugs with something more suitable for summer. Add some scented candles, some freshly cut flowers, colorful rugs, etc. Replace the clothes in your closet too. Take out the coats and thick sweaters and put them away till next winter. Instead, fill your closet with skirts, and shirts, and dresses. Also, hide away your boots and put out your flip flops and sandals.

3. Stock up on the summer essentials.

Make sure that you have sunscreen since it’s a very important thing during the summer. A very important thing too is insect repellant. Insects are thriving in summer and you need to be ready at any moment for those unwanted bites. It is a good idea to put window screens and door screens to prevent pests from entering your home. Make go-bags for picnics, or for the beach with the most important things. Put towels in there or picnic blankets. Buy some inflatable toys for your kids, or even an inflatable pool for your yard.

4. Don’t forget your garden.

When summer is here, it’s more common to have summer barbecues and pool parties. Or maybe even cocktail parties. All of these gatherings are better done in the proper conditions. You must tend to your garden before you invite a bunch of people there. Get rid of any dead leaves or plants. Plant some new flowers in different colors. Tend to the soil as well. Put some fertilizer, and plant some trees too. Trim the plants that you already have. You can add some flower pots or window boxes. You can even make a vertical garden. There are a hundred innovative ways to make your garden your own piece of heaven.

5. Host a garage sale.

This way you can teach your kids to be organized too, and one weekend host a garage sale. We all have lots and lots of things that are just sitting there in our garage or in our basement. Go through all of them and throw away the bad things, the broken things, and the very old things; the others can bring you some money.

6. Have fun this summer.

Summer is a very great opportunity to have fun with your family. Repaint your house in bright colors, or maybe only one wall. Buy an inflatable pool or a rocking chair. Maybe get your kids a trampoline or an inflatable house. Make a tree house in your yard. Buy some new interesting pillowcases or new cushions. Sign up your whole family for a yoga class. Plan ahead. Make lists and stay organized. Restore your pantry; add some candies there, fruits and vegetables, and lots and lots of ice cream. Buy an ice cream machine or a blender and treat your family with some smoothies. Just be a little reckless and spend some more money for your own happiness and the happiness of your family.

7. Don’t forget your pets!

Clean their bed, get them a new haircut since it’s summer and they will be hot. Buy your dog a kiddie pool and have fun with it. Buy some toys and play with your dogs and cats in your yard. Make sure your dog is protected from parasites like fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes.

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